Restaurant Inspection Survival Kit

All the tools you need to pass your next inspection with flying colors!

This is one resource that no restaurant should be without — and it’s free! Our 23-page booklet contains three comprehensive checklists that cover the major problems found during health, fire, and insurance/safety inspections. Plus we’ve included dozens of suggestions from health and safety experts to help you spot issues and correct them before they become major problems.


Your guide to obtaining and maintaining a stellar inspection record

Part A: Health & sanitation

· Self-inspection checklist

- Employee dress & hygiene

- Dry storage

- Appliances

- Refrigerators/Freezers

- Food handling

- Utensils

- Hot holding

- Cleaning/Sanitizing

- Garbage storage/disposal

- Pest control

· Washington State Inspection Form

· King County Inspection Form

· King County inspection violations

· County Health Departments

Part B: Fire

· Self-inspection checklist

- Life safety

- Fire extinguishers

- Sprinklers

- Hoods

- Housekeeping

· NFPA Fact Sheet: Restaurant fires

· Olmypia Fire Department Inspection Checklist

Part C: Insurance & safety

· Self-inspection checklist

- Dining areas

- Bar

- Walk-ins

- Gas

- Kitchen

- Recordkeeping

- Postings

- Security

- Material handling

- HazCom

- Exits

- Ladders

- Parking

- Storage

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