Factory-authorized installation keeps your warranty in force

Next to payroll, kitchen equipment is likely to be the largest expenditure for your restaurant. Whether you are replacing a single appliance or installing an entirely new kitchen, it’s important the job be done right the first time. Northwest Restaurant Services is uniquely qualified to ensure that happens.

NWRS is factory-authorized to install and maintain nearly all major brands of commercial kitchen equipment. All jobs are overseen by a lead technician with at least five years of experience in kitchen equipment installation, maintenance, and repair. All of our technicians receive factory training and are EPA-certified. That’s important because improper installation and maintenance are the two most frequent reasons for denying warranty coverage. If installation and maintenance are handled by an unauthorized contractor, you could lose warranty coverage entirely.

Site survey

Professional installation involves much more than just “drag and drop.” Before we do anything, we’ll send a certified technician to your site to take a detailed look at your kitchen and put a plan together that ensures your new equipment will be installed quickly and correctly. This site survey answers important questions, such as:

• Will any building permits be required?

• Will the new equipment need to go up or down stairs?

• Will water lines need to be changed?

• Are electric lines sufficient?

While some “bargain” installers may skip a site survey under the guise of saving you money, any savings could prove to be very expensive. If you fail to obtain proper permits, local authorities could levy hefty fines or force you to “uninstall“ the equipment and start over. Improper installation can also create dangers, compromise equipment performance, and lead to costly out-of-warranty repairs.

NWRS has extensive experience installing all types of commercial foodservice equipment: ice machines, freezers, ranges, ovens, fryers, dishwashers, and more. To learn more or schedule an installation, email us or call (206) 362-4114.

If you are looking to purchase new or used kitchen equipment, we encourage you to check out the website of our partner, Seattle Restaurant Store.

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Want to know more?

NWRS is a leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. If it concerns your kitchen, you can count on NWRS for 24/7 support and an exceptional track record of on-time service.