Regular maintenance extends the life of your equipment

Kitchen equipment is the lifeblood of your restaurant. If any appliance breaks down, it can spell disaster. One of the best ways to keep that from happening is to properly maintain your equipment. Periodic maintenance not only saves you money in the long-run, it keeps your warranty in force and ensures your kitchen equipment is operating as efficiently as possible. The two most common reasons why warranties are voided are improper installation and lack of maintenance. That’s where Northwest Restaurant Services can help.

NWRS is factory authorized to provide maintenance on most major brands of commercial kitchen equipment. Our technicians receive factory training in appliance and refrigeration maintenance.

Of course, preventive maintenance is everyone’s responsibility. We encourage your employees to watch the videos at right and learn some simple techniques they can employ to keep kitchen equipment working at peak efficiency in between scheduled maintenance calls.

Maintenance services

NWRS is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive preventive maintenance programs in the industry. When you hire us for periodic maintenance, you can rest assured your kitchen equipment will be regularly inspected and properly cared for. Our preventive maintenance program covers the following critical areas.

Cold-side equipment

• Clean all coils, condenser, and evaporator

• Check all fans and motors

• Check and adjust refrigeration pressures and temps

• Check and replace door gaskets as needed

• Check and adjust walk-in door closers as needed

• Check all condensation drain lines

• Install disposable filters and replace as needed

Hot-side equipment

• Calibrate thermostats

• Clean burners and burner intakes as needed

• Clean and adjust pilots for burners and ovens and replace as needed

• Check pressure relief safety valves

• Clean steamer water level sensors and drains

• Check all electrical connections and contactors

• Adjust oven door switches and closers

Ice machines

• Check machines for proper freeze cycles and harvest times

• Check evaporator coil and fans for proper operation and cleanliness

• Check condenser and fan for proper operation and cleanliness

• Clean and delime as needed (generally every 1-3 months)


• Check water level probes and clean as needed

• Check all electrical connections and contactors

• Clean and delime as needed (generally every 1-3 months)

• Check water filter cartridges and replace as needed

Maintenance contracts

NWRS offers a number of flexible and responsive maintenance contracts to keep your equipment in top condition. As a factory-authorized service facility, we receive periodic bulletins from our manufacturers, notifying us of issues that may have arisen with certain makes and models of equipment. A maintenance contract allows us to be proactive and perform needed service before problems arise. Contact us for more information.

Requesting service

To schedule service, simply fill out our convenient service request form and submit it. Online requests are answered within 24 hours. If you have an emergency, please call us directly at (206) 362-4114. Emergency repairs are available 24/7.

Danger signals

We urge you to contact us immediately if your kitchen appliances exhibit any of the following symptoms.


• Leaking water

• Fluid in the fresh food compartments

• Excessive frost in the freezer

• Unit making unusual noises or not running

• Improper cooling


• Oven temperature too low

• Food not cooking evenly

• Pilot light won’t stay lit

Sandwich units

• Compressor not working

• Unit not pulling temperatures down

• Food spoiling


• Mixer won’t start

• Certain speeds won’t function

• Beaters won’t turn

• Excessive vibration

Pizza tables

• Compressor not working

• Temperature too warm

• Temperature too cold

• Ingredients spoiling prematurely

• Door fails to close snugly

Bar coolers

• Cooler not operating

• Beverages keep freezing

• Unit has difficulty cooling

* Cooler cycles on and off frequently

• Exhaust vent blowing warm air

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Want to know more?

NWRS is a leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. If it concerns your kitchen, you can count on NWRS for 24/7 support and an exceptional track record of on-time service.