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When an appliance breaks down it’s not only inconvenient, it can derail your entire kitchen workflow and cost you money. If the breakdown persists, it can eventually cost you clientele. That’s why restaurateurs throughout Western Washington rely on Northwest Restaurant Services for fast, dependable repair service.

We’re never closed

Appliances can break down at any time, not always during “normal” working hours. NWRS has technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any emergency. If your kitchen is off line, call us at (206) 362-4114 for immediate assistance. For less serious problems, fill out our online service request form and we’ll be back in touch within 24 hours. Either way, you can count on a quick response from a thoroughly trained technician.

In or out of warranty, we can help

NWRS is factory-authorized to perform warranty service on most major brands of kitchen equipment. If your equipment is under warranty, we’ll work directly with the manufacturer on your behalf to minimize or, in most cases, eliminate out-of-pocket expenses to you. If the warranty has expired, we’ll provide you with an accurate, detailed quote prior to a service call. No surprises.

Fix it or nix it?

Every restaurateur eventually faces the question of whether to repair or replace an appliance. While there is no universal standard, we recommend you consider the following.

Cost: If the repair cost is more than half the cost of a new appliance, it’s probably time to replace it.

Age: If the appliance is an old or outdated model, it’s time to start budgeting for a replacement. As a general rule, the older the appliance, the costlier the repair. If the next breakdown is prohibitively expensive, you shouldn’t spend money on repair when it could be better put toward a replacement.

Warranty: If the appliance is under warranty, you will likely have little or no out-of-pocket expense for repair. To protect your warranty, make sure the appliance is installed, maintained, and repaired by a factory-authorized service facility.

Climate: Puget Sound’s relatively salty air can cause premature wear and tear on kitchen appliances. In this case, repair may make more sense because even a brand new appliance will ultimately suffer the same fate.

If you decide it’s time to replace an appliance, we encourage you to visit the website of our partner, Seattle Restaurant Store. A trusted source since the early 1920s, SRS features a wide variety of new and gently used commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment at budget-friendly prices.

Extending the life of your appliances

With proper installation and maintenance, your appliances should enjoy a useful lifespan that far exceeds the warranty period. Here are some additional tips to get the most out of your commercial kitchen.

• Make sure your employees are properly trained in how to use the equipment and how to maintain it.

• Put together a preventive maintenance plan and make sure the maintenance provider is factory-authorized for your particular brand of equipment.

• Use manufacturers’ original parts rather than cheaper substitute or “generic” components. In most cases, failure to use OEM parts will void your warranty.

• When replacing equipment, always consider the most up-to-date models. You may pay a little more up front, but the long-term savings are almost always greater.

If you have any questions about repairing or replacing kitchen equipment, contact us. We’re here to help!

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NWRS is a leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. If it concerns your kitchen, you can count on NWRS for 24/7 support and an exceptional track record of on-time service.